Sunday, October 14, 2012


Ever wanted a playmat with a completely zany fantasy battle scene on it?  Your chance is coming at the end of the month.  October 26th through 28th is the Philadelphia Magic:the Gathering Grand Prix, be one of the first 600 players to sign up and you'll get a playmat featuring an epic barnyard struggle.  The barbarian goat-and-pig alliance vs. the forces of poultry and GMO corn!!!

So yes, this is my painting that will be gracing the playmats.  It was commissioned by Mike Guptil who specifically asked for "zany".  The previous playmat illustrations done by Ron Spencer featured a werewolf vs. squirrels - and - goblins vs. platypuses.  Mike pushed me beyond my original vision to get even zanier and so this abomination of barnyard battling is what resulted.

*If you look closely, you can find the names of Mike's five kids hidden around the painting (though they may be a bit hard to read at this resolution).

So yes, be there at the Philly GP and get one for yourself if you can.  I'll have a few nice prints of this available (sans the logos and such) and I might even have a small stack of my own Barnyard playmats to sell after the show so don't cry if you don't get in the top 600 to sign up!  Oh yeah, and I'll also be selling other prints, artist proofs, books, and sketches.  Hope to see you there!