Saturday, November 30, 2013

Art from the now defunct World of Warcraft TCG

Thought I'd post a few of the last paintings I did for the now defunct World of Warcraft collectable card game.  Not by coincidence are these some of my better pieces I did for that game. That's because it took a while to warm up to working on Warcraft.  As I'm sure you already know, Warcraft style sensibilities are pretty ham-fisted and obnoxious. Also, there isn't a whole ton of room for creative freedoms because many of the characters or settings had a very specific look that needed to be stuck close to. But after working on multiple sets for the card game, I grew to embrace and have fun with it.

The huge super-stylized armor and design motifs are based on assembling a bunch of simple shapes which plays into my strengths quite comfortably. Warcraft also seemed appropriate for splashy and vibrant colors which I tend to like to employ. These factors and being given some time to warm up to the game gave me the opportunity to do some paintings for which I'm pretty pleased.

This all worked out best for me if the commission was essentially "make this character look cool/awesome/kick ass".  It's when these characters with their massive and cumbersome armor had to be doing a specific action that it became an awkward chore. There is almost no action that can be done in some of this armor other than stand there looking tough.

Here's some Warcraft art from some previous posts:

Here and a tree guy Here.