Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hallowed Spiritkeeper on eBay!

Hallowed Spiritkeeper
16x12 acrylic on paper

This here is "Hallowed Spiritkeeper" for Magic: The Gathering. I don't necessarily know if this is a considered a "high key" painting since it certainly has a few darks in it. Nevertheless, it is the highest key painting that I have done which was pretty fun to try out.  I think it forced me to use subtleties of tone and color that I do not often tinker with - and that's a good thing.

Obviously, it's a white card and portrays a mystical figure that guards a realm of spirits so I wanted to play up the almost "heavenly" mood with lots of white and light colors. His costuming is regal and robe-like and the wall behind him is unblemished white marble. Beyond the wall is an ethereal glow.

The appearance of the spiritkeeper is purposely straddling the line between benevolent and malevolent. He guards the gates without alignment, without prejudice and that's the kind of mood I wanted to capture.

If you want to own this painting, now's your chance! It is currently on eBay. Please check out the auction!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Throwing back to Theros

For this post I'm selectively throwing back all the way to like 9 months ago with some Theros illustrations.  Sure, Prognostic Sphinx and Kiora's Follower are my favorites from the Greek-themed set but I've decided to share some other Theros pieces on the merits of specific portions or aspects of the paintings that I find particularly successful.

This painting, while maybe a bit innocuous and forgettable at first glance, has some really savvy painting that I wish I could consistently conjure much more often.  The lower left hand corner shows a hydra head confronting a spear-wielding warrior in the background.  In order to push that back in space, I muted the shadows while keeping the highlights warm and sunlit. And the sky warming and then fading into the jagged mountain line helps set the atmosphere even more. The rest of the image works well for what it had to show but that corner right there I'm particularly proud of.

Another overlooked favorite from the Theros block is this hydra token. And it is yet another good example of subtle and muted color choices to play up atmosphere and depth.  I think when I first painted this piece, I thought I used a bit too much Payne's Gray which is kind of my replacement for black on my palette. It's close to that dark but has a cooler tone and seems to mix better with other paints. Anyway, I used Payne's Gray a lot in this piece to keep the colors muted and misty feeling. The result seemed to make the overall image a little too gray for my liking. But since then, I have had time to look at it with fresher eyes and now I rather like this painting a lot.  I think the grayed tones help and not hinder the image - and the painterly textures of the foliage turned out nicely, too.

Ah yes, the Gluttonous Cyclops.  Working with a kind of fish-eye perspective, I never could establish how exactly I wanted the background to look. Never-the-less, it is the cyclops that sells this piece so I had to really get that purplish-brownish-blackish African skin tone just right as well as how and where to highlight the skin.  In this instance, there was some trial and error but overall, I'm pretty proud of how the skin colors and textures came out. I also like the smashed little shepherd's house in the background!

Finally, Fleetfeather Sandals. Part of the sweeping art direction for this setting was that, as opposed to Innistrad which was swathed in murky darkness and creepy, obscuring fogs, Theros was to be brightly bathed in Mediterranean sunshine. Colors were to be bright, skies nearly devoid of clouds, shadows to be sharp-edged as they are when cast by the sun. That said, no other Theros painting of mine shows that better than this piece and I'm pretty pleased by that. Again, at first glance this is a pair of legs from the knees down and some shoes with owl wings. Seems simple enough. But I really focused my energy on establishing that sunny lighting and playing up the natural colors that come from brilliant sunshine. Yellow grasses, the red in the rocks, the blue of the sky, the reddish-brown of the tanned legs in shadow, the purple of the shaded areas.  Also, I used a palette knife to get a good texture on the foreground rock.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


My Swedish stereotypes GP promo poster!

In less than 3 weeks I will set foot on Scandinavian soil!  I'll be flying in to Copenhagen, Denmark to meet up with fellow fantasy artist Jesper Ejsing. We will both then make the short hop north to Stockholm Sweden for the Magic: the Gathering Grand Prix October 24-26.

Jesper's original thumbnail. Such liveliness even in a simple doodle like this!

Jesper and I are the guest artists at the event so make sure you bring your cards and card protectors and play mats to get signed or drawn on - and bring your Swedish money to buy prints, sketches, and artist proofs!

My polished line drawing featuring the Vasa ship in the background.

Besides meeting the handsome faces behind some of your favorite card art, is there any other reason to go to GP Stockholm? Well, if you're into collecting playmats, yes there is!  The exclusive GP Stockholm playmat is a team-up illustration by Jesper and I.  Jesper gave me a rough thumbnail idea, I drew up a more refined and detailed line drawing, then Jesper applied his potent digital painting skills to finish off the artwork.  You'll only be able to get these unique playmats at the GP and it's a damn good time to get both Jesper and I to sign them, too.

Jesper's masterful color application pulls it all together!

Another good reason to go to GP Stockholm is that from everything I have heard, Stockholm is an awesome city. I have heard nothing but great things about Sweden and Stockholm specifically so I am truly excited to go.  See you there!

For more information about the GP GO HERE.

To see more work by Jesper Ejsing GO HERE.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Updated Original Magic Art Price List

I've had a flurry of sales over the past 4 months as well as some new Magic art being released and returned to me. Thusly, an updated list of prices and availability was in need.

Below is a comprehensive list of all of my Magic: the Gathering artwork. Contact me via private message if you have interest in any of these. You can contact me through Facebook or using:

The MtG Price List has been removed in order to be fully updated. Sorry for the inconvenience, yo!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Khans of Tarkir!

Abzan Guide

Card art images for the next Magic: the Gathering setting called 'Khans of Tarkir' have been spoiled.  And so I shall spoil them at a bigger size - for your viewing pleasure, of course!

Trumpet Blast

Take a gander at my first five for this block - based loosely on the Mongol tribe dynasties and that general era of history on the Asian continent. Pretty damn fun stuff, I must say. The developers and concept artists made a great world to play around in. Of these five, Trumpet Blast might be my fave - though I like the bright colors of Abzan Guide, too.

Timely Hordemate

Arrow Storm

For all the stuff I'm pretty good at drawing, horses have never been a strong point. This set kinda threw me into the meat-grinder though. Which is good though - I needed the practice.  Most of the images feature a figure on horseback. Or if not on horseback, then on wolfback. Or some other creature's back.

Death Frenzy

Frenzy is a rare dip into somewhat graphic violence for a Magic card. At least for me. Sure, there was a time not so long ago when graphic violence and gore-filled imagery was a staple of my artwork for such horror-based product lines as Werewolf: the Apocalypse and Vampire: the Masquerade. The gore in M:tG cards is usually quite PG-13 though which is fine by me as it forces me to establish mood and horror and danger without relying on blood n guts. However, a massacre at the jaws of undead crocodiles seemed to call for something a little more ham-handed. When I see videos of crocs coin' what they do best along the banks of the Nile, it is never anything short of grisly.

Plenty more Tarkir images will be arriving as subsequent sets come out so keep in touch!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lady Jaina Proudmoore - by Jesper Ejsing n' Me

A few years back, fellow fantasy illustrator Jesper Ejsing and I collaborated on a World of Warcraft portrait of Jaina Proudmoore for the World of Warcraft TCG. Jesper did the drawing and I applied the acrylics.

The piece has recently been repurposed for the popular Hearthstone online game and has hopefully rekindled interest in the excellent artwork many of us illustrators have done for Blizzard. That said, Jesper and I have decided to slap this illustration of the wasp-waisted platinum-haired heart-throb Jaina on eBay for a rare opportunity to own a Jesper Ejsing AND a Steve Prescott original in one piece! Happy bidding!

EBAY auction for Lady Jaina Proudmoore

Friday, June 20, 2014

Inside the Deck Artist Interview

My only customer at GenCon in 2006 
was my 15 month old daughter.

I've done lots of interviews - written, audio, video - you name it. Because I'm not very good at giving short, succinct answers to interview questions, I feel like I'm either a good interview (because I like to jabber about my job) or a terrible one (because, jeez, shut up already).

Thank goodness for the times when a good interviewer comes along who expertly pares down my long-windedness and employs some really well done video editing.

In this Inside the Deck Artist Interview, Rich Castle does a fantastic, high quality, and (unlike my answers to his questions) nicely succinct documentary-style video interview with yours truly. My thanks to Rich for making me look like I'm not a completely self-absorbed prima-donna doof!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Prints Available at Cincinnati GP March 21-22!

I've had numerous requests for prints of the hyper-rare San Diego Comic Con exclusive Variant Planeswalkers. However, all I had were the black and white versions of the artwork - no color. Well, I happen to have a bit of time in my schedule the next few weeks leading up to the Cincinnati Magic Grand Prix so I'll get to dress these Planeswalker pieces up in appropriate print form. Be the first to purchase one or all of these prints in Cincinnati March 21 and 22!!!

Until then, enjoy some teasers of the prints to be.

I'll be signing cards doing playmat sketches, selling prints, Artist Proofs, originals, books, and playmats Friday late afternoon and evening of March 21 and all day from about 10:00 to 8:00 Saturday March 22. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Roon on Ebay!

The popular "Roon of the Hidden Realm" card art for Magic: the Gathering is now up for auction on Ebay! 

It is acrylic on bristol paper - 11x15 with a one inch white border (the bristol paper it is on is 13x17).

Auction ends next Monday afternoon.