Wednesday, October 1, 2014


My Swedish stereotypes GP promo poster!

In less than 3 weeks I will set foot on Scandinavian soil!  I'll be flying in to Copenhagen, Denmark to meet up with fellow fantasy artist Jesper Ejsing. We will both then make the short hop north to Stockholm Sweden for the Magic: the Gathering Grand Prix October 24-26.

Jesper's original thumbnail. Such liveliness even in a simple doodle like this!

Jesper and I are the guest artists at the event so make sure you bring your cards and card protectors and play mats to get signed or drawn on - and bring your Swedish money to buy prints, sketches, and artist proofs!

My polished line drawing featuring the Vasa ship in the background.

Besides meeting the handsome faces behind some of your favorite card art, is there any other reason to go to GP Stockholm? Well, if you're into collecting playmats, yes there is!  The exclusive GP Stockholm playmat is a team-up illustration by Jesper and I.  Jesper gave me a rough thumbnail idea, I drew up a more refined and detailed line drawing, then Jesper applied his potent digital painting skills to finish off the artwork.  You'll only be able to get these unique playmats at the GP and it's a damn good time to get both Jesper and I to sign them, too.

Jesper's masterful color application pulls it all together!

Another good reason to go to GP Stockholm is that from everything I have heard, Stockholm is an awesome city. I have heard nothing but great things about Sweden and Stockholm specifically so I am truly excited to go.  See you there!

For more information about the GP GO HERE.

To see more work by Jesper Ejsing GO HERE.


  1. Any possibility to get the Swedish stereotype image without the banner? I'd love to put that thing up in my cubicle here at work! :)

  2. Without the heads, too? It IS on a separate layer so I can probably do that but I'll have to remember to do that. Are you going to be at the GP?

  3. Probably not a possibility, but is the original image/painting of the play mat available for sale? Because I would totally buy that a frame it. It's gorgeous. Also, enjoy the homeland of my ancestors! My great-grandmother came over on a boat from Sweden. Someday, I'll find out exactly which area/town.

  4. o my yet again 2 of my all time favourite fantasy illustrators working together. is there ANY! other way i can get my hands on one of these playmats as i wont be able to make it out there, man Jespers thumbnails and your line drawings are 2 of the things i enjoy most from your work i love how you keep fluid gesture in your tight line drawings Steve, the drawings are a work of art in there own right, and damnn Jespers Digital paintings are getting better and better, ooo and that Mucha style hair......... ok ill stop now

  5. Amanda - the final image was done digitally. Actually, even that drawing I did was adjusted digitally after i scanned it in. Carl - These playmats always end up on auction sites and such after the GPs. If you don't mind shelling out a little more than you might want to, you can get them that way. Either JEsper or I might also have a few extra after that show (the GP will give us a few of our own to sell I expect). Hit one of us up after the Stockholm GP and check to see if we have any leftovers.

    1. Thanks for replying, and yeah i emailed Jesper, he said he will get it sorted for me. super pumped. i also emailed you about your book to, not sure if you got that, i did get the email from your website page,

  6. If you e-mailed recently, I may not have seen it yet. I tend to have lapses in checking that mailbox!

  7. I was nervous that the stockholm playmat would be disappointing and not live up to the awesome Utrecht one, and instead you guys completely and utterly knocked it out of the park, with what is likely my favorite GP playmat to date! I cannot even express how excited i am at the prospect of getting my hands on that thing, especially as a simic player! Also, expect a few green EDH staples to come your way from me ^^