Friday, June 20, 2014

Inside the Deck Artist Interview

My only customer at GenCon in 2006 
was my 15 month old daughter.

I've done lots of interviews - written, audio, video - you name it. Because I'm not very good at giving short, succinct answers to interview questions, I feel like I'm either a good interview (because I like to jabber about my job) or a terrible one (because, jeez, shut up already).

Thank goodness for the times when a good interviewer comes along who expertly pares down my long-windedness and employs some really well done video editing.

In this Inside the Deck Artist Interview, Rich Castle does a fantastic, high quality, and (unlike my answers to his questions) nicely succinct documentary-style video interview with yours truly. My thanks to Rich for making me look like I'm not a completely self-absorbed prima-donna doof!



  1. That's hilarious, and delightfully honest. I too am a rambler, but to put a positive spin on it I consider myself "generous with my personal information", ha!

  2. That's a good way to put it: "generous with personal information". I find I am generous with information that could have been given in half the time!