Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Art-Blog starts with a large tree

roughly 12x16
acrylic on bristol paper

I was going to make my first Art-Blog post about the artwork I did for Magic: the Gathering's Lorwyn set back in 2006-2007 and include pics of all the remaining originals I have left, etc.  Alas, I still have yet to take some decent pictures of that collection and think about what I am going to write.  So easily distracted...

But until then, I at least have a pretty picture of a treefolk mystic from the World of Warcraft TCG to show.  I really dig how this piece came out.  There was a lot of fussing with the subtle color shifts in this painting - transitions from ultramarine blue to a bright yellow-green to a soft gray-pink and so on.  Fellow fantasy artist and friend Chris Rahn handles these kinds of transitions really well (masterfully, I might say) applying them to spacial relationships and atmosphere to really set a great mood.

So here is "Elderlimb".  Enjoy!


  1. Nice character but you must add sharpness on its color to make it more stunning.

    color correction

  2. Wow, this did turnout really nice. For some reason my favorite part is the birds landing in the tree at the bottom. (which of course you'll never see in the printed card!) Those color shifts are handles really well.

  3. Great piece Steve! And thanks for the plug :)

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