Friday, March 8, 2013

Magic:The Gathering Original Artwork Price List

In lieu of a proper database for the time being, I'm posting a roughly slapped together price list of all the original Magic:TG paintings I still have and that would love to have a new home!

I'd say about 80% of these are 9x12 inches - some are bigger.  Only the Lorwyn Harbinger pieces are slightly smaller than 9x12.  All are acrylic on bristol paper.

If any of these interest you or if you have questions, e-mail me at and we can discuss things further.

This list has been removed temporarily.  I have sold 10 paintings since I posted it and I now have to relist it minus the sold paintings so I don't have to keep telling everyone which ones I don't have anymore!

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  1. Wow what a bonanza for Magic lovers! Grab em quick everyone!