Thursday, April 25, 2013

SIDE PROJECT: Birthday Invites

I often get asked if I do any artwork outside of fantasy or gaming.  Or fantasy gaming.  The answer is YES.  Unless you're asking if I ever get PAID for any of my work outside of fantasy gaming.  Then the answer is almost always NO. But I do indulge in plenty of creative projects beyond my "work".  One ongoing project is illustrating my daughter's birthday party invitations. 

Every year since my daughter was about to turn two, I have crafted a simple, kid-friendly illustration for each of her party invitations.  This year she's turning eight!

Don't know why I didn't do a first birthday piece to start it all off.  But I did do a baby shower illustration if I can find where that one is.  Luckily, the rest of these are in a folder on my computer so I had easy access to drag 'em out and share them. Pardon the aesthetically wretched copyright tag on each one (the internet is full of pathetic douchebags that like to steal artwork and use it for their own gain). I have also extracted the text for most of these, too - nobody needs to know when to show up to a party that happened four years ago - and nobody needs to know my phone number either.  I spend too much time as it is not answering my phone.

So have a look.  And then have some cake. All images ©copyrightsteveprescott 2006-2013.

There are five 5's in the birthday 5 piece.  Likewise, there are eight 8's in the octopus one. Find 'em all and then give yourself a pat on the back!

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  1. I've been looking for some ideas for birthday invitations for my dad's birthday on June 29th. i wish to create my own too. thanks for giving some ideas. Keep it up and more power on your blog.!