Monday, July 15, 2013

P.A.C.T. Support!

Hey people!  Pardon me but I'm kinda slow hopping in with my word-of-mouth support on this important project called P.A.C.T. (Professional Artist-Client Toolkit).  This is an idea conjured up by a group of talented, business-savvy, and (most importantly) intelligent artists working out there in the world - concerned with making it a better and more fair landscape for us artists to work in.  The idea is to have a database website for illustrators to reference when out there trying to make a living.

The site will be a resource destination for  illustrators with sample contracts, educational resources, and a list of companies reviewed in the member's area. As a member, there will be a ratings tool to rate companies based on contract terms, rate of pay, timeliness of payment, and ease of working with client.

If you are an illustrator at any stage of your career, this is a project worthy of your interest and support.
Right now, the support most needed is contributing funds - funds needed in the next four days to reach the set goal.

 Heck, enough of my interpretation of the project and all it's about, go to the Indiegogo page for P.A.C.T., check out the video of the venerable Todd Lockwood breaking it down for you - and then read up on everything they're trying to do there.  Also, check out all the goodies you can get depending on how much money you contribute.

If you're foolishly interested in only Steve Prescott product - well, one of the perks includes a copy of my book AGGREGATE. Hop on over, check it out, and give it its due attention!

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