Friday, November 16, 2012

Foolin' About

The day before I posted some White Wolf stuff over on my Draw-Blog and reminisced about my black-n-white White Wolf roots, I was reorganizing a couple boxes of artwork that I had been keeping out for convention use.  Most of these boxes are artwork that has been all but retired - taking up space but not having actually gotten out of my studio and put on a convention table in years.

There was a deposit of old black n' white artwork (mostly pen and ink stuff) in one of these boxes and this old hippie girl piece from the Werewolf tribebook: Children of Gaia was unearthed. I remember being pleased with the illustration despite some proportion problems.

I got a wild hair to scan this piece in, tweak the proportions (her head was too big and her legs were too short), and then drop some flat fields of color in.  Just fun kicks because, ya know, I have SO MUCH time on my hands (not really).

Anyway, this was my little one-hour muck-around project.  Now pass me that roach, man.

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