Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Specials for you to buy!

Wondering what to get your significant other for Christmas?  How about the original Magic:the Gathering artwork for Kor Line-Slinger from the Zendikar set?  How about mom?  Wouldn't she love the original painting for Nearheath Stalker depicting a bloody-faced vampire sneaking out of a room in which he just slaughtered a half dozen unwilling hemoglobin donors? The answer, of course, is YES - and today is your lucky day!

I have four framed Magic:the Gathering paintings taking up space in my studio and they sure could use a good home.  Here's what they are:

Upper Left:  "Might of Alara"  9x12 acrylic on bristol paper  - $200
Upper Right:  "Kor Line-Slinger"  9x12 acrylic on bristol paper  - $300
Lower Left:  "Nearheath Stalker"  9x12 acrylic on bristol paper  - $400
Lower Right:  "Rampaging Baloths"  9x12 acrylic on bristol paper  - $400

With the purchase of any of the above framed original paintings you get for free a signed Magic: the Gathering Artist Proof of that piece and a copy of my art book: AGGREGATE along with a signed original pencil drawing of a Christmas elf on the title page!  How can you beat that?  Unless somewhere you can get Legos 80% off, you can't.

Contact me at if you're interested in any of the paintings here - or if there are any you might be interested in that are NOT pictured here.  Or, of course, if you're just interested in getting a copy of the book only!  Happy Holidays, y'all!

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