Tuesday, January 22, 2013


"Crowned Ceratok" 

This is one of my latest pieces for Magic: The Gathering's Return to Ravnica set called "Gatecrash".  This image has been cropped down for the card but, when I went to paint it, I thought maybe a little more of a widescreen look might be cool for the original so I opened it up a little horizontally and just added some more panicked street folk.

I'm not usually one to explore subtle color variations and textures but I got a chance to do that in the ceratok's elephant-like hide which was rather fun to do.  The effect doesn't come across as well when it is shrunk down to card size but you can see some of that here.

I also don't often get a chance to play around with complex light and shadow scenarios like this (like REAL artists do!).  Here I have figures in the foreground in complete shadow and then right behind them are figures bathed in bright sunlight - enough to wash it out and push that spatial difference between the two.  I had to do a lot of orchestrating of atmosphere and light to properly place all those fleeing and getting-trampled people in there - not something I am used to but a welcome challenge none-the-less.

In scenes like this, I like putting in one figure that is getting the worst of the deal.  In this case, the dude being ripped to shreds by the twist of the ceratok's horned snout ruins what was just a quick run to the deli to get a bagel.  Poor bastard.

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