Thursday, February 7, 2013


Here's a couple more pieces from the latest batch of Ravnica Magic: The Gathering cards - for the set called "GateCrash".  Above is "Sapphire Drake".  Rendering architecture is not my comfort zone so I decided to go a little out of my way and try and get some of that semi-gothic Ravnican architecture in there - even if it is kinda just slapped in as a background.

This one is called "Syndic of Tithes".  Kinda of a difficult pose to pull off - but the dramatic lighting kinda makes it work.  I decided here to play it simple with the architecture behind him - the idea of big graphic shapes making the figures pop out a little more seemed like it would work well.

Some additional news about appearances this year:  The first weekend in June I will be at the Providence Rhode Island GP signing cards, selling AP's, prints and books, and probably signing playmats, too.  Y'all live in New England area, here's your chance to come and heckle me.

Though I have yet to actually send in my money for it, I will be at IlluxCon in Allentown, PA in September.  I'll have a bargeload of original artwork yet again - prints, and books, too.  Mark it on your calendar if you even remotely like fantasy art created with traditional media - it is a treat for the eyes.


  1. I really like your Thrull in "Syndic of Tithes". I really enjoy all the thrulls in this set. I find them incredibly adorable :)

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