Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Eberron art wants a home!

Most people are inspired to go make artwork like crazy when they get back from a face-meltingly awesome visual feast like IlluxCon.  I guess I am, too - however, I was much more inspired to straighten up the epic chaos of my messy studio and reorganize a lot of the storage dilemmas I had going on in there.

My biggest problem with storage has become where to put all my artwork. Sure, I sell art now and again, but not nearly as fast as I am creating it.  The stuff is piling up quick.  This inspired me to maybe try and find a good home for some of my older stuff that I unearthed in the process.

Buried amidst a bargeload of artwork that had long since been retired from my GenCon convention array was a box of mostly artwork that I did for the D&D tangent world: Eberron. Back in 2003, I was invited out to Wizards of the Coast to work on conceptualizing this new world along with Dana Knutsen and Mark Tedin. When the Eberron books started getting commissioned out, I began doing a bunch of interior spot illustrations for them.

In a handful of years setting up shop at GenCon I have sold quite a few, but I still have some remaining.  Mind you, these are pretty old - from like 2004 and 2005, maybe as late as 2006. I paint differently now, much more confidently and with more seasoned results.  But these are still fun pieces - and if you're an Eberron fan or have any nostalgia for my mid-aughties interior art, perhaps you can provide a better home for some of these pieces than I can (which is a dusty file box in a dark corner of my studio!) Well, except for the big "Dragons of Eberron" wrap-around cover painting - that one hangs in our hallway but is nonetheless also for sale.

If you want to purchase anything you see here, send me an e-mail at: steve2@rottface.com
Price list key for everything you see here is below the pics.

Any purchases over $300 and I'll throw in an original Eberron sketch much like the one found HERE on my draw-blog!

A - The Forge (Where the warforged are born/created)  $150
B - Lhazaar Prince  $150

Warforged Pieces
E - Lord of Blades. Probably my fave of my Eberron interior spots. $350
F - Warforged paladin strikes! $200
H - Warforged stops a charge. $250

Sarlona Pieces
K - Cloaked Sarlonan. $100

Black-n-White Pieces from the book: Dragons: World Afire:

O - Dragons of Eberron book cover: $7000
This painting was reworked a few years after it was published because I needed a big piece in my booth at GenCon. The original version was nice enough but there was just a few little things that started to stick in my craw as it sat around my studio getting scrutinized daily so I touched up the dragon fortress, added the bronze dragon and changed a few other little details. The painting is acrylic 39.5x17 in a plain wood frame (would probably look nice in a better frame for sure). You buy this and I'll pay shipping and throw in a personalized copy of my book AGGREGATE for free.


  1. Wow, I wish I had the money to spend on these. If I could swing it, I'd pick up any of those Warforged illos in a heartbeat- ever since they first appeared, Warforged have been one of my favorite D&D races.

  2. Were these the original art pieces sent to Wizards? These aren't high-end reproductions, right?

  3. Colin- NAY! These are the original paintings. No reproductions here, my friend!