Thursday, October 24, 2013

Reincarnation! And the reincarnation of my MTG Price List!

First off - there's a brand new Magic card out there for which I did the artwork.  It is called "Reincarnation" and was quite fun to do.  Now, when my mom exasperatedly asks me if I ever draw anything "cute" (ya know, instead of slavering horrors), I can say "Yes, Mom - check it out!"

Secondly, as per popular request, I have finally updated my Magic: The Gathering Original Art price list!  Obviously, not ALL of my cards are listed here - any ones you don't see on this list means they were either sold years ago or they are too new to have been added just yet.  But all the artwork I currently have in my possession is here - plus many that have been SOLD just so ya know not to inquire about them.

Any artwork marked with an "F" means it is framed.  Artwork marked with "NFS" means it is currently not for sale.  And any marked with a "?" means I'm not sure if I still have it or not (I'm so organized!).

I sometimes get questions about why there is such a disparity in prices on these paintings.  I mostly base my prices on my personal feelings about the artwork. But I also consider the size (most pieces are between 9x12 and 12x16), how new/old it is, and how popular the card might be.

If you are interested in any of these paintings, contact me at:

Here's the list! (updated 6-21-14):

****The list of my original Magic artwork has been updated and is now in a more recent post. See that you go there for prices and availability!!******

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  1. I got my eye on Deity of Scars, I hope to buy it one day! If you do sell it before I can get my hands on it, mind posting a higher res image of it on your blog? I've never seen it bigger than card size :)